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Japan perfectly balances the ultramodern with respected tradition. Explore its rich culture by joining our sub-clubs.
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Nihon Buyo

A traditional Japanese and folk dance club for NUS students, which performs for external organizations and the general public.

Japanese Music Club

The Japanese Music Club (JMC) brings enthusiasts together to create and enjoy a variety of Japanese music, including pop, rock, anime and Vocaloid.


A group of NUS students who wish to spread the love for Odottemita in the community. Join us in spreading the love for 踊ってみた!!


Learn, practice and appreciate traditional Japanese tea ceremony in the Enshuryu style with NUS Sado Club.


A traditional Japanese club which focuses on playing the koto (箏), a handmade stringed music instrument.


Join our exciting programmes!

Freshmen Orientation Camp 2020

In light of the evolving Covid-19 situation, we have revamped annual JSS FOC into an all-new online format to welcome the freshmen to JSS and NUS! Participants engaged in exciting activities over Zoom, and finished with a thrilling finale game in Minecraft!

KUIFA Online Oshaberi-kai

KUIFA Online お喋り会 is a regular online chat session together with Kyushu University students that we held over June and July. The sessions were held on Zoom and breakout rooms for both English and Japanese chat rooms were also available for our members to choose from.

Japanese Cultural Festival & Night 2020

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Friendship Awareness Day 2020

COVO Hairstyling Workshop

Annual Chalet (2020)

The Great Ramen Trail

Halloween Event 2019: Youkai Hunter

One of the many events that JSS has coming up is an exciting Halloween Night, incorporating puzzle-solving, strategy and of course, Japanese cultural elements, this event is intended to provide an avenue for everyone to unwind and destress after the inevitable slaughter of midterms.

Coffee Hour

JEver wondered how life is like in the land of the rising sun? Join us every Wednesday for JSS Coffee Hour and you can talk to our friendly Japanese exchange students who are here for the semester! If you're curious about how university life in Japan is like, interested in practicing your Japanese, or simply just want to make more friends, do drop by for an after-school chat!

Oshaberi-kai Workshop

JSS is proud to announce that we will be conducting “Oshaberi-Kai”, a workshop that will focus on giving you a crash course on basic Japanese Introductions as well as on common phrases you might find yourself needing to use on your future trips to Japan!

JSS Games Day 2019

Through various Japanese-themed games, you can learn more about Japan's fascinating culture and make lasting friends.

Japanese Cultural Festival & Night 2019

This year, through the theme “旅” (“Journey”), JCF&N took event visitors through a journey of cultural appreciation.

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Christmas Party 2018

Members of JSS gathered to relax and enjoy the festive season with delicious food, games, and a gift exchange.

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Freshmen Orientation Camp 2018

Freshmen Orientation Camp:「七転び八起き」(“Nanakorobi Yaoki”) welcomed many new adventurers aboard our journey and into the JSS family.

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Traditional Japanese Dance Workshop

As part of a special collaboration between NUS Japanese Studies Society and JCC (Japan Creative Centre), members of the public and JSS members alike participated in this workshop on Traditional Dance.

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Japanese Cultural Festival & Night 2018

JCF&N'18 had the theme 記憶 ‘Memories’, bringing event attendees down through a passage of time with a wide array of games, “memory capsules” and performances from three interconnected segments - Past, Present and Future.

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