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17 Jun 2017

The Biscotti House, founded by the folks behind The Coffee Roaster, seeks to redefine tradition with our own contemporary interpretation of biscotti. Baked with 60% less butter than cookies, coupled with innovative baking techniques to create its addictive crunch, our biscotti promises an extraordinary treat for your senses. Each biscotti is handcrafted individually, and embodies our motto of Handcrafted Bites, Heartwarming Love.

Do drop by and add some sweetness to your day too ^^

17 Jun 2017

For those of you still being hardworking heading to school for your various pre-camps and other events, why not take a short break in the pretty AS8 The Coffee Roasters?

"The Coffee Roaster is founded with a mission to deliver positive energy and nourishment to anyone whom we are privileged to serve. Located at the heart of the bustling AS8 building in National University of Singapore, we take great pride in delivering quality food and beverages through thoughtful and speedy service. Expect great specialty coffee, healthy mains and handcrafted pastries here!"

05 Jun 2017

This August, Murayama Singapore will be bringing to us Japan Beautiful Life, a lifestyle event! (・∀・) There will be cultural activities and free-to-view performances, including but not limited to makeovers, cooking lessons, as well as both traditional and belly dancing.

Date: 26 & 27 Aug 2017 (Sat and Sun)
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo Hall B

Please check out their Facebook page to find out about more attractions available there. :) You can also pre-register at their website to join their mailing list for updates, at

04 Jun 2017

We're well into summer holidays now, but the best memories are still waiting to be made. Remember to sign up for camp by 8 June at ! See you soon :)

02 Jun 2017

NHK Programmes: Train Cruise

Saturday 8:10, 14:10, 20:10, Sunday 2:10 (HKT)

Train rides provide panoramas of landscapes and lifestyles, with opportunities to hop off and meet the people. The tracks run to well-known and less-explored parts of Japan.

Check out more at:

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