Japanese Studies Society

23 Oct 2017

On 22 October 2017, members from NUS JSS attended the Japanese Calligraphy Art Exhibition at the Luxe Art Museum and were honoured to receive a guided tour as they learnt about the different calligraphy types in Japanese calligraphy. There was also a demonstration by 5 skilled calligraphers, followed by another workshop where the members practised their calligraphy skills on set. Thank you Japan Calligraphy Art Academy and Sunstar​ for giving us this rare and enriching opportunity!

The exhibition is still on till 25 October 2017, so do head down if you are interested!! :)

21 Oct 2017

Yesterday, SMU Japanese Cultural Club (SMUJCC), NTU Japanese Appreciation Club (NTUJAC) and NUS Japanese Studies Society (NUSJSS) gathered to hold the annual inter-uni collaboration, "Tsukimi Festival" at SMU. Participants came down and had a chance to watch a Japanese tea ceremony by our NUS Sado Club up close, experience Japanese calligraphy guided by NTUJAC and even write well wishes on lanterns with the help of SMUJCC! Ending off the event with traditional snacks, students from various universities were able to come together and interact with one another. We hoped everyone had an enjoyable cultural experience and see you again next year! ヾ(^∇^)

16 Oct 2017

Hi all! Following up on our previous sharing session, we have now included another one this month titled "Mt. Fuji – The Climb to the Summit"!
During this session, participants can expect to pick up the ropes of climbing Mt. Fuji from our experienced presenter such as choosing the ideal date to climb, what to prepare for the climb and what sort of gear/equipment to bring. Photos and videos of the climb will also be shared! Details of the session are as followed:

Mt. Fuji – The Climb to the Summit

Date and Time:
Friday, 27th October 2017, 6:30 - 8:30 PM (The presentation will begin at 7PM)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences AS8-06-46

Do sign up if you are interested in climbing Mt. Fuji one day or hope to hear first-hand experiences of the climb 🗻 We hope to see you there!!

13 Oct 2017

Sharing Session was a SUCCESS!!! ✨ Thanks to everyone who made the journey down to listen to our sharing session! We hope that what we have shared have made you gain an interest and appreciation for Japanese ramen! 🍲

11 Oct 2017

This month, NUS JSS will be collaborating with NTU and SMU to bring to you all "O-Tsukimi (お月見)", happening on October 20th at SMU! �

Tsukimi, literally meaning "moon-viewing" can be referred to as Japan's Harvest Moon Festival, bearing close resemblance to the Chinese's Mid-Autumn Festival.

Participants can expect to try out various traditional snacks, tea ceremonies as well as many other interesting activities! If you are interested in having your very own Tsukimi experience in Singapore, you can sign up via this link�:

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