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31 Oct 2017

NHK November Highlights

Gata no Kuni Kara

Part 1: Nov 26 Sun 7:20/ 13:20/ 18:20/ Mon 1:20 (HKT)
Part 2: Nov 26 Sun 8:10/ 14:10/ 19:10/ Mon 2:10 (HKT)

Popular Thai actor Thiti Mahayotaruk lends his talents to this two-part drama about a fictional Thai personality, a Japanese high school girl, and a magical fish. Mirai is the daughter of the owner of a famous hot spring resort in Saga prefecture, but she is more interested in her pet mudskipper than the hospitality business. Samut, the performer, sees her as a way to escape from the pressures of his career while on location. He wants freedom; she craves social media followers. Together, they overcome language differences and other obstacles to make their way toward the Ariake Sea and a resolution to their journey.

31 Oct 2017

NHK November Highlights

Kurara: The Dazzling Life of Hokusai's Daughter

Part 1: Nov 5 Sun 7:10/ 13:10/ 18:10/ Mon 1:10 (HKT)
Part 2: Nov 12 Sun 7:10/ 13:10/ 18:10/ Mon 1:10 (HKT)

The first historical drama to be aired on NHK WORLD TV tells the story of the remarkable woman who shared the life of the world-famous artist, Hokusai. It was his daughter, O-Ei, a capable and prominent artist in her own right. She is believed to have worked together with her father on his pictures once he reached middle-age. Female artists were rarely recognized in 19th century Japan, but O-Ei continued to produce art despite financial and romantic problems.

31 Oct 2017

NHK November Highlights

This month, NHK will be releasing some special television programmes, so do tune in if you're interested! o(^▽^)o

These include features on the daughter of famous ukiyo-e painter Hokusai, O-Ei, as well as the “ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest” in Tokyo 2017. It also features a comic drama following the life of a Londoner stay-home dad in Tokyo as well as a story between a young Thai man and a Japanese high school girl.

Check out the detailed synopses and show timings below! :)

27 Oct 2017

こんばんは!! With that, our biweekly sharing session 2 on the climb to Mt Fuji has come to an end. Terence hopes that everyone who came down will be blessed with clear skies to see the sunrise 🗻🌞

23 Oct 2017

On 22 October 2017, members from NUS JSS attended the Japanese Calligraphy Art Exhibition at the Luxe Art Museum and were honoured to receive a guided tour as they learnt about the different calligraphy types in Japanese calligraphy. There was also a demonstration by 5 skilled calligraphers, followed by another workshop where the members practised their calligraphy skills on set. Thank you Japan Calligraphy Art Academy and Sunstar​ for giving us this rare and enriching opportunity!

The exhibition is still on till 25 October 2017, so do head down if you are interested!! :)

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