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11 Sep 2017

Hi all!

This week, The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (J.CLAIR), Singapore and Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan will be jointly organising a series of ‘Takachiho Kagura’ performances in order to introduce Japanese traditional arts to the people of Singapore.

For those who are unaware, ‘Takachiho Kagura’ is a traditional dance with origins in Japanese myths and prayers to give thanks for rich grain harvests. It is also designated as an important intangible folk cultural property in Japan.

This is a rare chance to see a live performance of ‘Takachiho Kagura’. As the performances are free, do take the opportunity to come down and enjoy them! More details on the events can be found in the flyer above! 🙂

31 Aug 2017

NHK September Highlights

A Tale of Love and Honor – Life in Gion

Sep 23 Sat 23:10, Sun 5:10, 11:10, 17:10 (HKT)

The doors to the 200-year-old Tomiyo tea house open to our cameras to provide a glimpse of the lives of geisha, or geiko as they are known in Kyoto. 77-year-old Kimi is Tomiyo’s eighth generation okami proprietress. She faces the difficult decision of when to pass on her responsibilities to her 45-year-old daughter, who also has outside interests. See how tradition and modernity converge in this candid portrait of a rarefied world.

31 Aug 2017

NHK September Highlights

Dining with the Chef

Friday 22:30, Saturday 4:30, 10:10, 16:10 (HKT)

Discover the basics of Japanese cuisine with professionals. Chef Saito provides easy guidance for making authentic dishes, while Chef Rika gives helpful advice on quick and stylish cuisine.

31 Aug 2017

NHK September Highlights

This month, NHK will be releasing some special television programmes, so do tune in if you're interested! o(^▽^)o

These include features on the Orda Cave, the Zhengjiajie Stone Forest, the lives of Geisha, and what summer is like in Hokkaido.

Check out the detailed synopses and show timings below! :)

20 Aug 2017

NUS JSS will be having our annual Welcome Tea session on 21st Aug, 630pm @ LT14! NUS Sado Club, NUS Nihon Buyo Club, NUS Japanese Music Club and NUS KotokottoN will be there to share more about their club! We be conducting membership registration as well! Do drop by if you are free! (: See you there!

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