Japanese Studies Society

What is the Japanese Studies Society?

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Japanese Studies Society (JSS), founded in 1984, is a student-run organization established with the aim of bringing the community of Japanese enthusiasts in NUS together and providing opportunities for exposure to the Japanese culture and interaction with our Japanese counterparts. We also provide a platform for students and external organizations to engage in Japanese cultural activities and collaborate on events.

Japanese Cultural Festival 2015

As part of our commitment to raise awareness and appreciation of Japanese culture in the NUS community and beyond, we organize and run Japanese-related events within NUS and participate actively in external events all year round. Through our events, we aim to provide a wholesome and resourceful platform for individuals who are passionate about Japan in the NUS community.

Under the umbrella of JSS, we have a number of sub-clubs that provide NUS students further opportunities to pursue their interests in a particular niche within the Japanese culture. These Japanese sub-clubs include NUS Nihon Buyo Club, NUS Sado Club, NUS J-music Club and NUS KotoKottoN. Each of these sub-clubs are autonomously run by their individual committees, and provide more in-depth exposure to their area of Japanese culture.