Japanese Studies Society

NUS JSS Brothers and Sisters Programme (BnS)


BnS is an assignment-based tour guide programme that involves bringing Japanese High School students around Singapore. Details vary with each assignment, some may involve NUS campus tours, presentations etc.

An email will be sent out every month with a list of next month’s assignments.

Why should you join BnS?

It provides you with a platform to practise your Japanese and a chance to understand more about Japanese culture and to make Japanese friends!

Who are we looking for?

This programme is catered towards JSS members so if you are a member yet, do sign up! If you aren't a member and you wish to take a BnS job, please contact us at

As you will need to communicate with the Japanese students, it would be good if you know some basic Japanese but it is not a requirement. (Some assignments may require you to speak English only)


Student guides will get $14 to $15 per hour depending on the assignment. Payment will be made via cheque, distributed at the end of the following month after the assignment. (About 2 months processing time)

Rules and Regulations

Before coming

1. Email confirmations

Applicants must reply to the confirmation email within 3 days. Please check your spam mailbox as well.

Please sign up through the NUS survey form which will be sent out via email every month.

2. SMS confirmations

Coordinators will send out SMS confirmation 3 days before the BnS if you don’t receive it please contact the coordinator.

Applicants should reply to the SMS confirmation as soon as you receive it.

Applicants should email the coordinator if they are overseas and are unable to reply the SMS, at least 3 days before the assignment.

The SMS will state the gathering time, place and the team leader for that assignment.

Things to take note
  • Applicants who do not reply to BOTH the email and SMS confirmations will be replaced.

  • Applicants are to fill in the name that is to be written on the cheque on the NUS survey form.

  • Applicants should ensure that their particulars are correct before submitting the form.

  • If you are suddenly unable to participate after confirming, please contact the coordinator immediately so we can find a replacement.

  • Please be responsible as this is a part-time job.

  • On the day itself

    No slippers, sandals, shorts, miniskirt, no skimpy and sloppy dressing and shirts with offensive words.

    Please be PUNCTUAL, gather at the time stated in the SMS. Participants who fail to do so several times will be blacklisted.

    Please check the directions to the meeting location (and itinerary if there is one) prior to the assignment.

    Participants are to call the team leader (and not the coordinator) if you have trouble finding your way to the meeting location.

    Please bring the students back on time as they may have other plans after the programme.

    Collection of cheques

    Coordinator will issue cheques latest by the end of the following month. (e.g. by end of Feb if you did an assignment in Jan)

    There will be only one collection date.

    Participants who are unable to collect their cheques can ask their friend to collect on their behalf. (Please inform the coordinator or treasurer)

    Participants are responsible for collecting their cheques within 2 months of the cheque collection dates.

    Participants are responsible to bank in their cheques within 1 month of collection.

    Participants who do not abide to the rules and regulations will be blacklisted or permanently banned

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many students will we be bringing around?
  • Usually around 4-8 Japanese students.

  • Do we have to come up with our own itinerary?
  • Depends on the assignment. The itinerary will be sent out to participants via email before the assignment if there is one. Otherwise, please ask the students at the start of the assignment where they wish to visit.

    Tip: Most assignments start in the morning when most of the shops are still closed, so you can bring them to sightsee (eg, MBS, Merlion, Esplanade area) then at about 11 plus you can bring them to Chinatown or Little India and have lunch there. If you have time after that, you can bring them shopping at orchard road or Bugis Street! This will depend on the ending location, so you have to plan your time carefully!

  • What about transportation and meals?
  • Some assignments will have $10 allowance for meals and transport that will be included in the cheque, or the students will pay for you. As for entrance fees to attractions (e.g. Gardens By The Bay), if the students are not paying for you, you can either wait for them outside or pay for yourself.